• Small CNC Mill - SYIL 7

    Small CNC Mill - 7 Series

    Best small CNC mill designed for real machining work

  • Den beste lille CNC-fresemaskinen: Produktiv, rask og kompakt

    SYIL 7-serien er rimelig og sannsynligvis den beste på markedet for små CNC-maskiner i samme prisklasse. Fra kr 119 500

    Easy to install. Low maintenance.

    An affordable small milling machine designed for real machining work and with the power to cut serious materials.


    Our small CNC machines and small machining centers are suitable for a wide variety of industries.


    The SYIL 7 Series are among the most versatile machine tools in the compact class. All models are high-performance centers, which can be set up quickly and are easy to operate. Very stable, highly dynamic and low-maintenance.

    High reliability, performance, and precision.

    Thanks to the modular structure, there are numerous configuration possibilities. This allows us to customize any 7 Series default small CNC mill to your needs to achieve a perfect individual solution for you. Your benefit in a compact space: CNC cutting at low unit costs at high processing quality and unprecedented speed.


    Whether you need a standard 3-axis CNC small milling machine, a powerful compact CNC milling machine, or a small CNC mill for precision machining. The SYIL 7 is offering high reliability, performance, and precision.

    Standard + Options

    Default standard

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 or EMC
    • Stepper motors for 3 axis
    • 5,000rpm NT30 or R8 spindle
    • High-quality Meehanite cast iron frame
    • high-precision linear guide
  • Benefits

    Når du anskaffer en av våre små fresemaskiner, kan du velge blant en rekke CNC-kontrollere, for eksempel PC-basen MACH3/4 eller SIEMENS 808D/Advance. Våre små CNC-fresemaskiner leveres med høy presisjon lineær styring. Den ergonomiske og lille designen og den rimelige prisen gjør SYIL 7-serien til sannsynligvis det beste valget innen små fresemaskiner.

    Small CNC Milling Machine by SYIL

    Variety of controller options

    • You can use a low-cost PC controller to reduce your budget.
    • But also through another CNC system to adapt to any application requirements.
    Small CNC machine - SYIL Made in China

    Compact, modular design

    • In the smallest footprint, the high quality and efficient production.
    • At the same time, you can upgrade the two forms of external protective sheet metal.
    • Machine bed structure can also be used high precision mineral casting parts.
    Small CNC with great quality

    Highest quality components

    • Through the important core components to control and upgrade quality.
    • Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guide (Made in Hiwin)
    Small CNC Mill - Affordable CNC machine from SYIL

    Applies to any user groups

    • Cost-effective alternative to whether the application of mass production in enterprises.
    • Or teaching and education scenes, and even family personal use.
  • SYIL Norge

    Ring nå og få en pris

    Buying a CNC machine is a serious investment. Call us to get expert advice and the best quote for you.

  • Options: Spindle

    Choose the right CNC spindle motor to fit your needs

    5,000 rpm NT30

    no extra cost

    5,000 rpm NT30 Belt Type (no extra cost)

    24,000 rpm ER16

    no extra cost

    24,000 rpm ER16 Built-in Type, Water Coolant Kits (no extra cost)

    10,000 rpm BT30

    kr 16 918

    10,000 rpm BT30 Belt Type with Power Drawbar System

    12,000 rpm BT30

    kr 20 335

    12,000 rpm BT30 Belt Type with Power Drawbar System

    24,000 rpm ISO20

    kr 22 007

    24,000 rpm ISO20 Built-in Type, Water Coolant Kits with Power Drawbar System

    30,000 rpm BT30

    kr 57 389

    30,000 rpm BT30 Build-in Type with Power Drawbar System

  • Options: Protection enclosure

    Select your CNC milling machine enclosure. It is used to protect your CNC milling machine.


    kr 21 663

    Combo type fully protected enclosure with a mobile device| Includes a Dell computer with Mach3 trial version | Coolant kits | Working lights


    kr 28 387

    S/V type fully protected enclosure with a casting base| Includes a Dell computer with Mach3 trial version | Coolant kits | Working lights | Casting stands


  • Options: CNC controller and servo package

    Choose the right CNC controller for your CNC milling machine

    Mach 3/4 Stepper

    no extra cost

    PC based Mach3/4 with 3 Axis Stepper Motors and Driver (No extra cost)

    Mach 3/4 Servo

    kr 10 457

    PC based Mach3/4 with 3 Axis Servo Motors and Driver | Includes QS7 3 Axis Servo Motors and Driver | Support 4th Axis

    Advantech-LNC 5800

    kr 33 295

    Advantech-LNC 5800 CNC Controller with 3 Axis Servo Motors | Includes LNC EtherCAT 3 Axis Servo Motors and Driver (Made in Japan) | Support 4th and 5th Axis positional only

    Syntec 22MA

    kr 122 008

    Syntec 22MA CNC Controller with 5 Axis Servo Motors | Includes EtherCAT 5 Axis Yaskawa Servo Motors and Driver (Made in Japan) | Support 5th axis RTCP

    Siemens 808D

    kr 54 795

    Siemens 808D Advanced CNC Controller with 3 Axis Servo Motors | Includes Siemens 3 Axis Servo Motors and Driver | Support 4th Axis

  • Options: Automatic Tool Changer

    Select an automatic tool changer or ATC to improve the production and tool carrying capacity of the SYIL machine. ATC changes the tool very quickly, reducing the non-productive time.

    ATC BT30

    kr 19 928

    Automatic Tool Changer with 12 Place BT30 Type | Includes a tool changer with BT30 power drawbar | Fits with any type of enclosure

    ATC BT30 Arm type

    kr 40 967

    Automatic Tool Changer with 16 Place BT30 Type | Include a tool changer with BT30 power drawbar Arm type | Fits with any type of enclosure

  • Options: Accessories

    Pimp your machine with accessories

    NC rotary table stepper

    kr 8 459

    NC rotary table stepper type | 4th axis 100mm size kits include step motors and driver | SYIL Made, Gear type

    NC rotary table servo

    kr 32 987

    NC rotary table servo type | 4th axis 125mm size kits including servo motors and driver | Made in Taiwan, Gear type

    NC rotary table DDR

    kr 70 945

    NC rotary table DDR type | 5th axis 100mm size kits including servo motors and driver | Made in Taiwan, DDR type

    Handwheel MPG

    kr 2 259

    Handwheel MPG | Wireless type for Mach 3/4

    Probe system

    kr 33 891

    Probe System | Wireless type

    Tail stock

    kr 6 778

    Tail stock for 125mm NC Rotary Table

  • Tekniske spesifikasjoner

    Our 7 Series CNC mills come with outstanding technical specifications. All product variants come with a set of standard accessories. Optional accessories are available from stock.

    Technical Parameters


    • Working Surface: 800x260mm
    • T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance): 5x12x25mm
    • Max. table load: 100kg


    • Longitudinal Travel X: 395mm
    • Cross Travel Y: 260mm
    • Headstock Travel Z: 390mm
    • The distance between spindle end and tabletop: 300mm
    • The distance between spindle centre and column surface: 280mm


    • Spindle nose: BT30/NT30/R8
    • Spindle speed: 10,000rpm
    • Mechanism of transmission: Belt Type


    • Cutting feed: 1,000mm/min (Stepper) 3,000mm/min(Servo)
    • Rapid traverse: 5,000mm/min( Stepper) 1,0000mm/min(Servo)

    Auto Tool Changer

    • Tool holder: Armless type
    • Tool storage capacity: 12set
    • Max. tool diameter: 16mm
    • Max. tool length: 100mm
    • Max. tool weight: 2kg
    • Tool to Tool: 10sec


    • Spindle motor output: 2.2kw
    • Drive motors X, Y, Z Axis: 1.2kw

    Machine Space & Weight

    Floor space (Length x Width x Height):

    • 1350x1250x2100mm (X7)
    • 1760x1720x2200mm (Combo)
    • 1760x1600x2200 (S/V)

    Net weight:

    • 900kg (X7)
    • 1250kg (Combo)
    • 1350kg (S/V)

    Standard Accessories

    • PC Controller by MACH3/4 or EMC
    • High-precision linear way
    • Central automatic lubrication system
    • Tools and toolbox
    • Full enclosure (Accord model)
    • Work lamp
    • Tri-coloured lamp guard
    • Spindle water cooler
    • Airgun (Combo/SV)
    • Cooling liquid tank
    • X/Y/Z slide way extension protecting cover
    • Horizontal adjustment block and screw
    • Wire-control hand wheel
    • USB/RS232 interface (Accord controller)
    • Rigid tapping (Accord controller)
    • Mechanical and electrical instructions
    • SGS/CE certification

    Optional Accessories

    • Siemens or other industry type CNC controller
    • 24,000rpm spindle
    • 30,000rpm spindle (Made in Germany)
    • Air conditioner for the electrical box
    • Automatic probe system
    • Calibrator system
    • NC rotary table
    • Full closed loop high-precision linear guide (Made in Switzerland)
    • High-precision mineral casting (Made in Switzerland)
    • Transformer
    • Oil skimmer
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